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Long and McQuade gave me a shout out for International Women's Day!

Thank you to Jordi Small and Long & McQuade for nominating me for their International Women's Day campaign to celebrate Toronto Women in Music. As you know, I'm a Mississauga Native, however I do perform in Toronto quite often, probably the most out of all the cities I've played in. Here's a preview of the cool interview on Facebook!

And here is the full interview:

*In celebration of International Women's Day March 8 2017, we are running a month-long series featuring women from Toronto's music community. *

Toronto Women in Music: Arlene Paculan

Arlene Paculan is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who plays Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Glockenspiel, Percussion, and has just started taking on the Violin! Arlene plays in a number of different bands including Arlene Paculan & The Cool Ones, bronzecat, and Simple Cell. She describes her sound as "Soulful Pop."

First memory of getting started in music: "As a kid I remember singing something that I made up for my Mom with one of those plastic toy guitars. In terms of lessons, I remember starting out in a group piano class."

Biggest musical influence: "Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace and Alanis Morrisette are among the many Canadian artists I continue to look up to and who inspired me to create music."

Favourite instrument or piece of gear: "The piano - new and hardly used to old and worn out - the sound of an acoustic piano is heavenly to me."

Most memorable gig: "There are so many! I was fortunate to perform at the 2015 Paisley National Arts Festival in Scotland. I remember arriving at this gorgeous venue filled with beautifully decorated walls and mirrors which was known as a Speigeltent. The event took place on a Monday at 5pm and I looked around the empty venue during soundcheck thinking, 'Wow I wonder if anyone is going to come to this event'. I didn't have a following in Scotland yet, however I had a feeling the other artists performing that night had a big following after hearing their amazing soundcheck. As soon as the doors opened to the public, the venue filled up quickly. There must have been over 100 people in attendance. On top of the excitement of performing in front of new fans in a another country, it was also Thanksgiving in Canada that same day and my family back home was able to stream the concert and listen to it live. It was as if they were there with me!"

Best concert attended in recent years: "Ménage at Cherry Colas: Out of the band, it was the main players, Bella and Fernando performing that night. They were absolutely stellar. The duo blew me away with their clever and intricate melodies and instrumentation along with their gorgeous vocals. They brought out so much energy to the stage that it was incredibly engaging and I was hooked. Their energy could probably fill up a big arena and when they get there, I bet you'd still feel connected with them."

Currently on the playlist: "The Beatles, No Doubt, Ariana Grande, Fiona Apple, Chantal Kreviazuk."

Next gigs/concerts in Toronto:

March 24 - Earl of Whitchurch, Stouffville as part of the Guinness Record Attempt

April 6 - 120 Diner 9pm

April 11 - Celebration Square Mississauga at 12:45pm

Thank you again Long & McQuade and Jordi Small! Thank you to my loving fans for your incredible support! <3 Arlene

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