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arlene & the people

EP Coming 2024!



arlene & the people

This all began as a songwriting journey between Arlene and Kevin.

To make the music a little broader, a little deeper, and maybe a little more honest.  

To follow the song where it led.


When Jan and Len joined, things developed organically.
Flesh grew on bones, ideas flowed, and eventually they realized
they became a band.


The lush guitar work of Radiohead and U2, the counterpoint of the best of 90's and late 80's melodic Rock.  The rhythm and arrangement of New Wave and just an insinuation of the drama of classic prog; weaves through the songs. With vocals giving both the attitude of Alanis Morissette and the fragility of Feist.


In the end, arlene & the people are


a cinematic indie rock band,

Framing the Pure, Intimate and always Powerful melodies and vocals of Arlene.  


We hope it makes you feel.

Meet The People

This is how we sound

We're releasing new music this year and here is a preview of our EP pre-mastered to tease you for what's to come:

EP Samplerarlene & the people
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This is how we play

This is how we pose

We've been around.  Here are some highlights:

Past Performances include:

Rock the Coliseum

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts



Bread & Honey Festival

Taste of Danforth

Taste of Oakville

Mississauga Summer Concert Series

Sound of Music - Club Series

This is how we socialize

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