Watch Arlene and her band (Kevin Dvorak, Jan Bilek, Len Dworak) perform for the Summer Concert Series in Mississauga. Special thanks to Mississauga Culture and Meadowvale Theatre for the opportunity!

Congratulations to Arlene for receiving the 2020 Urban Hero people's choice award in the Arts category!
Special thanks to Rob Aguiar and all that voted! 
Although there will be no gala this year, keep an eye out for a publication in Toronto about the award winners Oct 29th, 2020.
Arlene will be hosting Let's Make Good Productions live stream event, WonderFest World Stream Series
Check out a great article on BuzzMusic about Arlene's latest album! Click HERE!

2019 MARTY Award winner for Established Solo Vocalist

Congratulations to ARLENE for taking home this year's Mississauga Arts Award for her hard work and strong impact that she has on the arts and culture scene in the city!  Thank you to the Mississauga Arts Council for the recognition and to all of her fans!  Scroll the photos below to see moments from the event.

You can request Arlene's latest single, "Leave Me Alone" on CBC Radio 1

Stream it on Spotify or Apple Music!

Leave Me Alone Cover.png
Our Lady Peace is Arlene's favourite band and biggest influence in her music.  They recently shared her video on their Facebook Page for their #mysomethingness campaign

Arlene received the BEST POP Mississauga Music Award for 2018!

Thank you so much to Mississauga Music, Demetrius Nath, Chris Wulff, Mississauga Arts Council City of Mississauga, Living Arts Centre, and to the judges on the panel, and to all of you for your amazing support!



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